Finally discover your worth, and be changed from the inside out.


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Introducing THE BRAVE BODY METHOD a brand new book that helps you gain self-acceptance through discovering your true value through God's eyes.

  • Women who feel insecure after watching commercials 80%
  • Women who have an “I Hate My Body” moment each day 97%
  • Women who overestimate their body size 90%
  • Commercials aimed at girls speaking about physical attractiveness 50%
  • Commercials aimed at boys speaking about appearance 0%

I am happy to say that it truly feels like my struggles are finally over.” – Ali Katz


… humorous, inspiring and challenging all at the same time. Her honesty and openness about her struggles with weight issues are refreshing. Definitely recommend.

– Sheryl


In Step One, we talk all about how to finally Know You’re Hot – and get ahold of your true worth and value once and for all.



In Step Two, we talk all about how to Inflict Damage – doing damage to the darkness by speaking & declaring what you want by faith.


In Step Three we talk all about how to finally See the God Painting – grabbing ahold of the bold, exciting picture—the calling on your life!



In Step Four, we talk all about how to Start Before You’re Ready – and how becoming a person of quick, decisive action will release the full potential within you.

  • Mountable “Hot Thoughts” & Posters to Jump Start Your Goals
  • How to stop negative self-talk once and for all
  • How Biblical mediation can help you lose weight easily and effectively
  • How to implement Mini-Habits and experience maximum results
  • How to stop talking trash and get further by learning to “speak only what you seek”
  • Finally see yourself as how God sees you, and send your self-esteem soaring

I use to struggle with overeating. But after doing the Method, my routine is totally transformed – I quit late night eating in less than a week!” – Simone


“The Method was the missing ingredient for alleviated my depression, and negative self-image. I’m now on the path toward a healthier lifestyle.” – Tamara


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Eileen is an bestselling author, life-coach, and pastor for over 15 years, who loves helping women gain confidence and go further, faster. Like many, Eileen suffered the “triple-threat” of eating disorders, depression and severe anxiety attacks for years. After finding the 4 Steps and learning how to pivot negative thoughts toward truth, she achieved radical, lasting changes in her confidence, mood and weight. This book is the “how to” guide that was the foundation for her astonishing transformation. Now through her Biblical success coaching, she teaches women thought containment, mood mastery, and other proven strategies that will enable them to become the fearless, bold, hot versions of themselves that has always existed within.