I honestly feel like I have a whole new perspective. Watch out world. I may have seemed crazy before – but now I’m armed and dangerous! Another BRAVE woman coming through! – J.P.C.


As a professional health coach, I now recommend The Brave Body Method to all my clients—because it goes straight to the root of distorted body image. – Giselle

The BRAVE Body Method literally shook something loose in my spirit when reading it… a revelation, an awakening!

Reading Eileen’s book was a slap

that I needed (in the best sort of way).

– D.L.J.

I use to struggle with late night eating. But after doing the Method and sowing a seed to stop eating late at night, it totally transformed my everyday routine and became a habit in less than a week!”


Before the Brave Body Method I had tried everything to get my health and the way I thought about myself right..after reading and implementing the Brave Body Method I realized I was missing a key component ..God! I had invited him to every area of my life but not this! Once I did that everything changed! And I have this book to thank for it! It has totally changed my life and the way I view myself!


I use to struggle with feeling alone in my journey to loose weight but since I read and doing The Method I understand that God is with me, I will never be alone anymore and I fill strong and with a purpose in this journey: to be healthy as He want me to be!


I am dedicated to fitness training and I make healthy food choices, with the occasional cheat. I do not suffer from weight issues, but as I came to the end of the book, I realized I had never invited God into this part of my life. I am embarking on the 21 day challenge so I can hear what God says about my weight and health. I am excited to see how improved these areas in my life can be with GOD in control, not me.



I am happy to say that it truly feels like my struggles are finally over. I recommend this book to anyone out there who is struggling with weight or self-esteem issues. – Ali

I’ve warred with overeating and poor body image for over 13 years and since reading The Brave Body Method, my eyes have been opened to practical ways to really take every thought captive as we’re called to in scripture and to consciously choose to believe what God says about me is true…and this has had a profound impact on my relationship with food and body image. I have learned to be more aware of negative thinking patterns and how to stop them in their tracks! The book is written in a relaxed approachable style and feels like a pep talk from a dear friend! Eileen, thank you for sharing your story and writing this book it has been an invaluable source of encouragement and truth I come back to again and again!


After reading this book, I find myself feeling empowered to care for my body in a new way…from the inside out!


The author’s stories are relatable and I’m already taking steps from this book toward being brave! Excited and hopeful for where this may lead – would recommend this book to anyone.


This was the missing ingredient for me..it alleviated my depression, and negative self-image. I’m now on the path toward a healthier lifestyle.


The BRAVE Body Method literally shook something loose in my spirit when reading it… a revelation, an awakening! I read Eileen’s book at a time when I was seriously suffering from internal devil-dialog… just the negative self-talk that holds women back from seeing ourselves the way God intends us to – as masterpieces! I was so convinced that I had done something to displease God… that I wanted to place blame and fault on myself… that I had lost the understanding of the meaning and relevance of God’s grace. Reading Eileen’s book was a slap that I needed (in the best sort of way).